Profile: Nick Matulis


  Nicholas Mellencamp Matulis; born in Kaunus, Lithuania
nicknames: Nick, Nicky Mats, Nee-kos
“I love basketball. I could play basketball for 12 hours and then watch basketball for 6 hours and then talk about basketball for 6 hours and then start it all over again. Did you notice that there was no sleep in there? I love basketball. Basketball basketball basketball. I also love Donna. Donna is like the basketball of people for me.”



“I got a guitar when I was 15 because I thought that it might make girls like me. It was a shot in the dark. I had tried everything else short of talking to them, and I was out of options. The first band I was in was Spare Room Daze, formed in the spare room of my friend’s mom’s house. In our logo the R for Room was backwards like the R in Toys R Us. Mostly we played the intro riff to Come As You Are and a grunge rock version of Jingle Bells. Correction: mostly we smoked pot and stared at things.”


“I went halfsies with my brother on the Ghostbusters Soundtrack. My first solo purchase was Kris Kross: Jump. They were little kids and they wore their pants backwards. This was very appealing to me because I was a little kid who wore his pants forward. But I wore sweat pants most of the time, so who knows, I probably wore them backwards sometimes. That wasn’t why I bought the tape, though. I bought it because Kris Kross had a hit song called Jump, and at the time songs about jumping were my favorite. I also liked other songs about jumping by Van Halen and the Pointer Sisters.”

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