“On the Cutting Board in the Rain” and “Underneath the Universe” are available on all streaming platforms


“I clipped off her wings to save, and her feet. Her head was on the cutting board. We stood around in the late November afternoon with my cousins, (we come from a long line of undertakers. Understanding anatomy and death is a sacred and loving act). We marveled at how light her head was. How hollow her bones.”

“An anthem that recognizes the rock tumbling and tectonic shifts that make us the beautiful humans that we have become.” –Week in Pop

“A hypnotic blend of the natural and ethereal.” –Atwood Magazine

“Strands of utter humanity laced throughout…” –PopMatters

The Surgeon’s Knife is the album’s sparkling, mirror-ball centerpiece.” –Pitchfork

“A debut album that splits the difference between the Arcade Fire’s communal chorales and Animal Collective’s clap-happy euphoria.” -Pitchfork