Member Profiles

Eric Krans: “While we were standing there contemplating what to do next,
a cute little monkey came running out toward us.
It jumped through my outstretched arms and ran over to Jen.
It climbed up her leg and on to her shoulder where it started to masturbate in her hair.”
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Jen O’Connor: “After racing up and down a street in the 90 degree heat all day,
they decided I was worthy of being part of their team. Timmy, a lifelong road-crew member,
gave me a ride back on the steamroller in a show of solidarity.”
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IMGP5684bwNick Matulis: “I got a guitar when I was 15 because I thought that it might make girls like me.
It was a shot in the dark. I had tried everything else short of talking to them, and I was out of options.”
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Donna Baird: “I love hearing Tom Jones. There’s something about the power and resonance of his voice
that I can feel inside of my body like his voice is my voice, like I know how it feels to be him,
to be powerful with a voice like flying fists.”
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Tim Koch: “I spent a lot time running from the cops in high school, for things like toilet papering the nearby park
and stealing political signs from people’s yards (the inspiration for our high school band name Traub,
a state senate candidate in 2000). But due to my running abilities and knowledge of the back roads
and rail trails in my hometown, I was never caught, except for that one time when I was 18… “

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